FormRouter upgrades Integration to support Intel's Mobile Forms initiative

CARY, N.C. -- FormRouter, Inc. announced today new options for users to deploy off-line mobile forms. The new Mobile Forms Technology (MFT), developed through a joint initiative with Intel Corporation, allows mobile professionals to collect data and submit forms while disconnected from the Internet. Submitted forms are preserved in the mobile users MFM-Outbox until an Internet connection is detected. Once connected, offline form submissions are routed from the mobile desktop to a remote database specified by the form designer/owner. Submitted forms are preserved in the mobile users MFM-Sentbox and may be edited, printed and/or re-submitted at a future date.

According to FormRouter CTO Jim Healy, "To support off-line mobile forms we needed to combine Intel's mobile technology, FormRouter's ASP service and Adobe's LiveCycle(TM) Reader(R) Extensions into a single integrated solution. Mobile professionals can now go off-line and continue to work with PDF and HTML forms without worrying about Internet connectivity. Our integration with allows any field on the form to be delivered securely to the organization's account as soon as an Internet connection is detected."

Chris Thomas, Chief Strategist for Intel, commented, "FormRouter's ability to bundle low-cost Reader Extensions, a secure form delivery service and real- time integration with is unique. With the integration of Intel's mobile technology, people can stay productive even when they are disconnected from the Internet."

Building on the theme of "no programming required", the technology upgrade allows non-technical users to rapidly deploy a wide variety of "home-grown" forms that are integrated with and -- including custom fields. As completed forms are submitted, the results are securely posted in real-time to the form owner's account. Some or all of the submitted data may be added to email alerts and/or electronically delivered to a remote database for backup and post analysis.

According to Healy, "This new capability should be really attractive to users who don't have the means, time or desire to work with the application programming interface."

About Adobe(R) LiveCycle(TM) Reader(R) Extensions

Adobe(R) LiveCycle(TM) Reader(R) Extensions allows organizations to unlock advanced forms-processing features within the free and ubiquitous Acrobat(R) Reader software at no extra cost to end users. When a rights-enabled PDF document is opened, users can access advanced features such as digital signatures, 2D bar-coding, filling and submitting data electronically, and offline save. Once the document is submitted or closed, these special rights are disabled in Reader until the user receives another rights-enabled PDF file.

FormRouter became the first service provider, licensed by Adobe, to activate PDF usage rights as a for-fee service in October 2004. In November 2005, FormRouter announced new subscription options for LiveCycle(TM) Reader(R) Extensions starting at under $125 per page.

About FormRouter

FormRouter's hosted service lowers cost, saves time and simplifies the deployment of online forms. FormRouter subscribers can deploy forms of all types in minutes with no servers and no programming. Submissions are delivered securely to the form owner's desktop and loaded directly into Microsoft Access(R), SQL Server or any ODBC compliant database. Integrated alerts support e-mail notification, PDF workflows, payment thru VeriSign(R) and Authorize.Net(R) and integration. For more information, visit ..

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