FormRouter upgrade enables secure payment processing with VeriSign and Authorize.Net

New integration allows Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, ASP.NET and HTML forms to process credit cards.

CARY, N.C. (March 9, 2004) – FormRouter, Inc., announced today new options for users to add credit card processing to their FormRouter hosted forms. As forms are completed and submitted, credit card information is securely processed through either VeriSign® Payment Services or the Authorize.Net® Payment Gateway and the form owner’s merchant account. Authorization data returned from the payment gateway is joined with the submitted fields, encrypted and stored in the form owner’s account on the FormRouter server.

Online payments enable businesses to take orders or donations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – a convenience for customers and additional revenue opportunities for businesses. With FormRouter, non-technical managers can build forms in minutes with no expensive hardware and no programming. Payment is collected in real time eliminating errors or security risks inherent in manual credit card processing. “We use FormRouter to build event registrations for United Way, Spina Bifida, and MapInfo” says Brigitte Connors, CEO for Site Solutions Worldwide. “FormRouter is our trusted solution for secure data capture.”

“It is alarming how many companies are collecting credit card information using either e-mail or Internet forms over unsecured connections,” says FormRouter Chairman and CEO, Chris M. Pieper. “With our VeriSign and Authorize.Net integration, users can maximize security, eliminate errors, drive down costs and accelerate the acquisition of funds. Security and ROI is a great combination.”

About FormRouter

FormRouter is redefining how large and small organizations deploy electronic forms. FormRouter’s hosted service slashes the cost, reduces the time and simplifies the task of collecting data through forms. Using FormRouter, non-programmers and IT professionals can deploy Adobe® PDF®, Microsoft® Excel®, HTML, Macromedia® Flash, ASP.NET and WAP forms in minutes with no servers and no programming. Encrypted results can be downloaded to Microsoft Access®, Microsoft Excel or any ODBC compliant database. Integrated alerts support e-mail notification, payment processing through VeriSign® and Authorize.Net® and CRM integration with Your form | Online | 5 minutes | Secure | No programming. To learn more about FormRouter, visit

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