FormRouter and Global Warming Initiatives Launch to Raise World Awareness

Knowledge workers can now do their part to save the environment by adding the “Print Less” message to all PDFs they distribute

CARY, NC (May 8, 2007) – FormRouter, a pioneer in hosted services for electronic forms, and Global Warming Initiatives (GWI), a leading non-profit helping organizations to reduce greenhouse gasses, announced today the launch of The website and awareness campaign are designed to educate the public on the environmental impact of printing PDF documents. The website allows anyone to upload a PDF and have an environmental awareness notice injected into the document. The goal is to encourage the 700 million users of PDF documents not to print when viewing one of the 200 million PDFs on the Web today. If each PDF user printed one less document it would save 80,000 trees and 118,000 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year. “We truly believe that knowledge workers want to make a difference in the environment, they just need a little education and a daily reminder to change behavior,” says James DeRosa, Director of Analysis for GWI.

Trees are perhaps the most important natural resource; reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere by more than 100 billion tons each year. The pulp and paper industry represents 10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and uses more water than any other industry. It has been estimated that over 80% of organizational documents are paper forms. According to Jim Healy, Founder and CEO of FormRouter, “With the PDF tools available today, paper forms can and should move to an electronic format. This not only saves trees, but also creates efficiency and saves money.”

On the website is a presentation created by GWI that details the impacts of printing PDF documents and what each one of us can do to become part of the solution. will have a booth at the Adobe Acrobat and PDF Conference 2007 from May 9-10, where Al Gore will be the keynote speaker.

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