FormRouter announces new support for IBM Lotus® Notes®, Domino and OpenOffice spreadsheets

Upgrade expands secure form data collection service to support IBM’s collaboration software

CARY, NC (September 26, 2006) – FormRouter, a pioneer in hosted services for electronic forms, announced today new support for IBM’s collaboration software products - Lotus® Notes® and Domino. FormRouter’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution enables non-technical subscribers to deploy intelligent PDF, HTML, Flash and other form formats in minutes with no servers and no programming. Upon submission, completed forms, optional attachments and entered data are routed securely to the form user’s Lotus Notes desktop in near real-time. “Our service is particularly appealing to departmental managers and small business operators that want to deploy Internet forms but lack the resources or budget to get started,” says FormRouter CEO, Chris M. Pieper. “With more than 118 million users, Lotus® Notes® and Domino is an important platform to support."

The strength of the new Lotus integration lies in FormRouter’s commitment to non-technical users and a “no programming” approach to form data collection. FormRouter founder and CTO, Jim Healy, commented that, “unlike relational databases, Lotus Notes/Domino doesn’t have tables full of records. Instead, each record is stored in an object called a Note. Each Note requires a Form which in turn requires a View to access and edit data and files contained within the Note. With FormRouter, the Note, the Form and the View are created automatically as the form data is retrieved from our secure server.”

Guy Yost, Consultant for New York State Agencies commented, “with no servers to buy and no programming overhead, FormRouter is by far the quickest and easiest solution for integrating form data into Lotus® Notes® while leveraging Notes® inherent collaboration and workflow."

FormRouter’s support for IBM’s collaboration software also includes the ability to securely route submitted forms and data directly into OpenOffice spreadsheets. In May 2006, IBM announced plans (Deutsche Notes User Group conference) to include an ODF-compatible version of OpenOffice embedded in the Notes e-mail application by the fall of 2006. Healy commented that, “ is increasingly the choice of businesses and governments throughout the world. FormRouter can now support the collection of forms, data and file attachments from all major form formats directly into 2 Calc.”

About FormRouter Inc.

FormRouter’s hosted service lowers the cost and simplifies the task of collecting data through forms. FormRouter subscribers can deploy PDF, HTML, Flash, MSExcel, MSWord, InfoPath, IBM Workplace Forms and ASP.NET forms in minutes with no servers and no programming. Encrypted form submissions are delivered to the form owner’s desktop and may be loaded directly into Microsoft Access®, SQL Server, Lotus Notes® or any ODBC compliant database. Integrated alerts support e-mail notification, payment processing and CRM integration with To learn more about FormRouter, visit the company’s Web site at

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