FormRouter Inc. now offers Adobe LiveCycle® Reader Extensions Worldwide as a service

Service supports applications that require advanced form usage rights in PDFs

CARY, NC USA (October 2, 2007) - FormRouter, Inc. announced today that it has a new license agreement with Adobe Systems Incorporated to offer Adobe® LiveCycle® Reader Extensions as an ASP service on a Worldwide basis.

“We are proud of the partnership we have cultivated with Adobe over the last three years in providing SMB’s, and Fortune 500’s, with LiveCycle® Reader Extensions in the United States. We can now provide this same service throughout the World. Through the FormRouter service you receive your LiveCycle® Reader Extensions without the need for servers or precious internal IT time”, said Sonny Menon, President and CFO of FormRouter.

LiveCycle® Reader Extensions allow organizations to unlock advanced forms-processing features within the free and ubiquitous Adobe Reader® software at no extra cost to end users. When a rights-enabled PDF document is opened, users can access advanced features such as digital signatures, and offline local saves. Once the document is submitted or closed, these special rights are disabled in Adobe Reader® until the user opens another rights-enabled PDF file.

Using Adobe® Acrobat® 8 Professional, form designers can enable Adobe Reader® users to participate in document reviews, digitally sign documents, and fill and save PDF forms. Users completing a rights-enabled form (enabled using Acrobat 8 Professional) via Acrobat 8 Professional must be running Adobe Reader 7 or higher, and data collection is restricted to either 500 users or 500 completed forms. Applications that require support for past versions of the Adobe Reader (Version 5.1 and higher), greater number of users or forms, and advanced usage-rights, such as template spawning, file attachments, and SOAP enabling (web services), can be achieved through an unrestricted Adobe LiveCycle® Reader Extensions license. Unrestricted LiveCycle® Reader Extensions licenses may be acquired through FormRouter’s licensed Reader Extensions Service.

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FormRouter's hosted service lowers costs, saves time, and simplifies the deployment of online forms. FormRouter subscribers can deploy forms of all types in minutes with no servers, and no programming. Submissions are delivered securely to the form owner's desktop and loaded directly into databases including: Lotus Notes® Domino®, Microsoft Access®, SQL Server, or any ODBC compliant database. Integrated alerts support: e-mail notification, PDF workflows, integration, and online payments through PayPal® and Authorize.Net®.

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