FormRouter Announces New Electronic Forms Automation Solution

Advanced FormRouter Technology Saves Time and Money

CARY, N.C. (November 10, 2003) – FormRouter, an innovator in forms automation, today announced the release of FormRouter.NET. FormRouter.NET is the latest release of leading technology that helps organizations to create and host forms online and retrieve responses directly to their desktop databases without any programming.

FormRouter.NET is a web-based subscription service that enables non-technical staff to create forms or to convert existing paper-based forms from various formats such as HTML, PDF or Excel into Internet forms within minutes. These forms can then be hosted securely on the FormRouter server environment. Once forms are completed, designated users can download captured responses to their desktop into various common databases and applications such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel.

Automating this process helps companies to save valuable time and expense that today is spent by staff manually re-typing information that is received via mail, fax or email into applications or databases. Automation not only saves time but also minimizes errors that occur with re-typing.

“FormRouter technology gives me the ability to easily manage thousands of customer registrations, referrals and survey responses for multiple clients simultaneously. FormRouter has saved us thousands of hours of painful coding and has differentiated us from other vendors in the marketing sector.” Rick Nordman, CEO of Market1der Inc.

This new release brings major enhancements such as a rules-based alert engine, informing selected individuals of newly captured information that meets their customized criteria. FormRouter.NET now allows for attachment of files in addition to data entered into forms. One application of this feature is for resume collection, providing Human Resources departments with the original resume document as well as populating their database with required information.

“With our new release, we’re able to meet the growing volume demands of current and future FormRouter customers,“ said Jim Healy, CTO at FormRouter. “FormRouter.Net can handle thousands of form submissions per minute.”

FormRouter is showing this new technology at PDFSM Conference in Anaheim, California. For more information about PDF Conference, visit

About FormRouter

FormRouter is redefining the forms management process with exciting new solutions for routing and data collection. Through our unique technology, FormRouter facilitates the routing of PDF, Excel, HTML, Flash and WAP forms between individuals filling in forms and those wanting to process the captured data. Your form – Online – 5 minutes – Secure – No programming. All for about the cost of a postage stamp. To learn more about FormRouter, visit

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