Ray Price Harley-Davidson/Buell™ Inc. Eliminates Spam With FormRouter

Secure online forms replace E-mail links on Website.

CARY, N.C. (June 22, 2004) – FormRouter, Inc., announced today that Ray Price Harley-Davidson/Buell™ has implemented FormRouter to eliminate junk E-mail. To eliminate spam from their Website, Ray Price replaced all department E-mail addresses with secure inquiry forms easily created with FormRouter’s Simple Form Builder. Inquiries are now routed directly to the appropriate department as well as collected in a master Microsoft Access database to be used in future marketing efforts.

“Elimination of spam from the Ray Price Website greatly increased staff productivity and has avoided missed opportunities from incoming E-mail inquiries that had been previously blocked by spam filters and overcrowded E-mail boxes,” stated Walt Crist, IT Manager for Ray Price. “FormRouter’s secure data routing capability gave us the ability to capture sensitive information within forms that would not have been suitable for E-mail transfer.”

Jim Healy, CTO for FormRouter said, “E-mail addresses sitting on websites invite junk mail into organizations by the thousands. In addition, most E-mails that are sent to organizations are insecure and vulnerable to hacking. By replacing E-mail addresses on Websites with links to secure online forms, organizations are blocking junk E-mail and securing their inbound communications.”

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