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Many organizations are choosing to go paperless by using digital signatures and electronic forms. Unfortunately, the cost to setup in-house servers is out of reach for some organizations. To offer an alternative to installing form servers, FormRouter Inc. delivers an online service called FormRouter.NET.

FormRouter.NET facilitates the creation, hosting and retrieval of electronic forms with digital signatures. This slashes the cost and simplifies the task of collecting legally binding agreements.

Using nothing but a FormRouter Account and partner services, digital signature solutions can be built in hours.

Read on to learn more about electronic form signing options.

Option 1: Username & Password Signatures

Add one digital signature to a PDF form (works with Adobe Reader)

If your organization is looking to capture a PDF form with one digital signature, this solution may be for you. FormRouter provides a system for managing usernames and passwords that can be used to digitally sign PDF forms.

Here is how it works:

  1. Create a username and password for a specific form user
  2. Contact the form user with their username and password
  3. Form user fills out a PDF form(s) and enters their username and password
  4. Digitally signed form (and data) is transmitted to your database securely
  5. Optional: Copy of signed form is sent to the signer and or others

Option 2: Hand Written Digital Signatures

Hand written digital signatures are electronic signatures created by physically signing on a hardware capture surface. Interlink Electronics® offers a device called an ePad for this purpose. Using Interlink Electronics software, it is also possible to sign the surface of a tablet PC. This technology captures the unique qualities of an individual's signing style and stores that information in a signed document.

       Supported Formats
  • IBM® Workplace Forms™ (PureEdge)
  • Adobe Reader® (With Reader Extensions)
  • Adobe® Acrobat®
  • Microsoft® Word®
  • Microsoft Excel®

Hand written digital signatures are a perfect technology when you have a group of unknown people who will need to sign electronic documents. They are used widely in finance, insurance, real estate and medical applications.

Contact FormRouter to learn more about setting up electronic forms with ePad signature capabilities.

Option 3: Hosted Electronic Digital Signatures

Hosted electronic digital signatures consist of a locally installed digital signing certificate on a PC and a hosted online server that can validate the integrity of digitally signed documents.

Hosted electronic digital signatures are often used inside of large organizations for internal authorization. The digital certificates can also be used to control access to web services.

Contact FormRouter to learn more about setting up electronic forms with digital signatures.

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