Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions: the Adobe Approval Alternative

Adobe Approval was once the form submission service of choice by major companies world wide. At Form Router we're proud to offer the Adobe Approval alternative, Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions.

Why Adobe Reader Extensions?

Bob's a busy executive. His phones ringing and hes late for a meeting. And he's filling out a pre-application for a mortgage at a company that doesn't use Adobe Reader Extensions.

Hes halfway done with his application but hes got to give his presentation and he can't save all the work he's done so far. Do you think Bob's going to leave the web page open on his desk top the whole time he's giving his presentation? Not likely.

Bob's going to close the window and that mortgage company's losing a lucrative mortgage.

What If Your Customers Could Save Your Forms Right On Their Computers?

If Bob the busy executive could have saved his mortgage pre-application to his desk top and come back to it after his presentation, he would have. Adobe Reader Extensions puts that power in the hands of your potential customers.

Give them the power to complete forms offline. Give them Adobe LiveCycle.

Other Adobe LiveCycle Advantages

Adobe LiveCycle not only enables your customers to download your forms and fill them out on an airplane or anywhere else where there's no Internet access, but it saves you the expense of an in-house technician to maintain data and it's more cost effective than the full Adobe package.

Adobe states:

"We are pleased to be working with FormRouter to further expand the sizable reach of Adobe Reader and to deliver the benefits of Reader Extensions. FormRouter constituents can now download, save, fill in, digitally sign, and submit electronic PDF forms at their convenience, dramatically lowering processing costs and virtually eliminating the need for paper-based forms."

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