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When paper forms are collected, data on them are often re-keyed into computers. This represents a massive amount of manual labor and is error prone.

To reduce cost and save time, many organizations are now looking to integrate 2D barcodes into online PDF forms. A 2D barcode captures data typed into a form and converts that data to a barcode image block. 2D Barcode image blocks can be read by hand held scanners.

PDF417 2D Barcode Solutions allow PDF forms that are mailed or faxed in (often with hand written signatures) to have data captured into a database with a hand held barcode scanner.

FormRouter Inc, recently partnered with Code Corp, a leading manufacturer of barcode scanners. The partnership produced an affordable easy-to-setup 2D PDF417 barcode scanning solution for PDF forms. PDF417 is the format standardized by Adobe to extend the value of printed PDF forms in Adobe Reader.

- Cost effective
- No manual data entry
- No programming to setup
- Works with Adobe Reader
- Works with Adobe PDF417 Barcodes
- Scans field data directly into databases


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