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What is a FormRouter.NET account?

FormRouter.NET is a complete form hosting and retrieval service that enables you to create, host and retrieve online form responses without programming.

Each hosted account comes with:
1. Tools to rapidly build online forms and alerts
2. Live Web-based tutorials and support
3. Dedicated space to host forms live on the Internet
4. Client tools to securely download responses to forms

In short – FormRouter is here to help you successfully capture form responses from the Internet.

How does an account work?

1. Just build an online form (use your tools or ours).
2. Submit the form and data will get posted to your account at FormRouter.NET.
3. Our client-side software, residing on your desktop, pulls the form data down
    from your account and writes directly to tables in your desktop database.

Demo: Quick Demonstration

What are the options for building forms?

Option 1: Build forms in the Simple Form Builder (no programming required)

Demo: Using FormRouter’s Simple Form Builder

Option 2: Build forms with your favorite form editor. Here are some examples.

Demo: Using PDF Forms with FormRouter
Demo: Using HTML Forms with FormRouter
Demo: Using Excel Forms with FormRouter

Option 3: Have FormRouter support staff build your form

What form formats do accounts currently support?

The FormRouter.NET service is based on open standards and therefore supports all major online form formats.

- HTML (Web)
- Adobe® PDF® (New XFA Dynamic PDF Support)
- Macromedia® Flash™
- Microsoft® Excel (with a plugin we offer)
- Microsoft Word (with a plugin we offer)
- Microsoft InfoPath™
- Paper Forms (using 2D PDF417 barcodes)

Note: Our goal is to continue to improve and expand the number of form formats we support, so that your FormRouter account will continue to be as flexible and powerful as possible.

What are the online tools that come with an account?

Forms Manager
The Forms Manager allows you to build and manage forms in your account. In this tool you can view, edit, copy, delete and generate links to your online forms.

Simple Form Builder
The Simple Form Builder is an online tool that streamlines the building of Web forms with associated alerts. It is designed to be used by everyone within an organization. No programming required.

Alerts Builder
The FormRouter.NET server provides a powerful alerts engine. You can build custom alerts that are triggered each time a form is submitted. Alerts allow stakeholders to take timely action based on each form submission.

File Manager
FormRouter File Manager provides a way to upload forms and supporting graphics built in your favorite form editor into your FormRouter account. The File Manager also enables you to move, hide and delete files and folders from your account.

Reports Manager
FormRouter Reports Manager generates graphical reports about form utilization. These reports allow tracking of form submissions over specific time intervals.

What client tools come with an account?

FormRouter Client Tool
Our client-side software, residing on your desktop, enables one-click,
secure download of form-collected data to popular database formats or text
files. The FormRouter Client Tool communicates relevant information to users
such as the number of forms downloaded and the names of forms and tables to
which data was routed. FormRouter supports direct output to:

- Microsoft Access
- Microsoft Excel
- Microsoft SQL Server
- Microsoft Outlook
- Lotus Notes/Domino
- OpenOffice Calc
- ODBC (MySQL, DB2, Oracle, FileMaker and more...)
- Text

What extra tools come with an account?

FormRouter XL & Word Button
Installed with the FormRouter Client Tool is a component that extends the power of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. The FormRouter XL & Word Button allows anyone to turn an Excel spreadsheet and Word documents into forms that can submit responses securely over the Internet.

PDF Extractor for Access
This tool places a button on any Access form allowing you to launch a PDF form locally or from the Web. Data from the Access record is then displayed in the PDF form for viewing, printing or submitting.

Specific Use: Viewing registration data in original registration form or pre-populating different PDF forms with fields in a database record for printing.

Remote Server Posting Utility
For those who wish to host ASP.NET forms on their own servers, but still want to take advantage of the power and security the FormRouter service, we now offer a Remote Server Posting Utility.

By simply dropping the Remote Server Posting Utility code into a directory on any generic ASP.NET enabled Web server, FormRouter users will be able to host forms securely on their own servers while still enjoying the benefits of FormRouter’s secure data capture technology.

What additional tools can I get for my account?

For those who need more functionality, take a look at FormRouter.Net Upgrade options. These upgrades offer feature rich tools and services that take form capture to the next level.

- 100 MB Memory Upgrade (More room for data and file attachments)
- File Attachments (Capture documents and images with forms)

Advanced Alerts
- Secure E-mail Alerts (Send 128-bit encrypted e-mail alerts)
- PDF E-mail Alerts (Send template-based PDFs in e-mail alerts)
- Credit Card Processing Alerts (VeriSign, Authorize.Net)
- CRM Software Integration Alerts (

Advanced Form Processing
- Advanced PDF Processing (Process & manipulate full PDF documents)

Learn more about FormRouter.NET Upgrade Options

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