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What is FormRouter FastTrack?

FastTrack is a new service designed to free you from the challenges of building and hosting Web-based forms. FormRouter staff will build your form in the right format to meet your requirements. Once approved by you, your form will be hosted online, ready to securely capture responses.

In which formats can I get my form?

The FormRouter staff will build your form in the format that best meets your needs. Formats include HTML, PDF, ASP.NET or Excel.

How do I get my responses?

FormRouter provides a password protected client tool that you install on your desktop. You are the only one that can access your responses. The FormRouter Client Tool enables one-click, secure download of form-collected data directly to popular database formats or text files. No programming is required! FormRouter supports direct output to:

- Microsoft Access
- Microsoft Excel
- Microsoft SQL Server
- Microsoft Outlook
- Lotus Notes/Domino
- OpenOffice Calc
- ODBC (MySQL, DB2, Oracle, FileMaker and more...)
- Text

Will my form be secure?

FormRouter takes security seriously. All FormRouter hosted forms are secure. FormRouter uses SSL, the industry standard, providing 128-bit encryption. Just as important, the transfer of data to your desktop is also made through a secure connection, unlike the passing of data through email. FormRouter's service is ideal for capturing sensitive data such as credit card information or social security numbers. You can even password protect your form, so only the people you want to fill out your form can even access the form.

How much does FastTrack cost?

The FormRouterFastTrack service enables you to host a single form online for only $300 for each 3 month period, plus a one-time fee for building your form. Fees for form development vary depending upon form complexity but are typically $100 for a one page form. Once your form is approved and hosted online, FormRouter staff will make requested changes to your form for $50.

Can I have more than one form?

Absolutely. You can add a second form for only $250 for each 3 month period. Form development fees also apply.

How do I get started?

Order FastTrack and submit the original form or all of the desired fields to make your form. FormRouter staff will review the form and quote the form development fee. Once you agree to the form development fee and the form format, FormRouter staff will build your form. After you approve the form design, FormRouter will process your credit card order and host your form. FormRouter will provide a link for you to download the FormRouter client tool. Then begin driving traffic to your form!

Get your form online today! Order FastTrack now. Complete the sales request form or call toll free 1-866-468-3676 (outside US, call 1-919-469-1984).

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