Solutions Using Online Forms

Solutions List of Formrouter Solutions to Common Data Collection Problems

PDF Solutions

Interest in PDF forms has steadily been increasing. To meet the needs of users, FormRouter has tools that extend the power of PDF forms.

PDF solutions
Designer XFA (Dynamic PDF) solutions
PDF Forms to SharePoint Lists

Non-Profit Organization Solutions

Non-profit organizations can benefit greatly from the use of online forms. By using FormRouter services, these organizations can experience better outcomes from their event, volunteer, donation and grant activities.

Non-Profit Organization solutions

Marketing, Sales, Advertising & Event Management Solutions
Web Forms and Event Forms

Join the growing community of marketing & sales professionals that save time by implementing online forms using FormRouter Accounts.

Marketing solutions

Human Resource Solutions
Web Forms and Event Forms

Let FormRouter teach you how to get all of your HR forms online so that people may submit them back to you securely. You can do this yourself.

Human Resource solutions

Digital Signature Solutions

Need to capture PDF & Excel forms with legally binding Digital Signatures? FormRouter has assembled partners to meet this need as a totally hosted service.

Digital Signature solutions

Ethics & Compliance Solutions
Web Forms and Event Forms

Rapidly set up compliance form solutions for government, insurance and the medical industries.

Ethics & Compliance solutions

Lotus Notes/Domino Solutions

Lotus Notes has an install base of over 118 million users. FormRouter now support the collections of forms, data and file attachments from all major for formats directly into Lotus Notes/Domino databases.

Lotus Notes/Domino solutions

Excel Solutions

Turn Excel spreadsheets into forms capable of submitting data securely through the Internet.

Excel solutions

2D Barcode Solutions

Need to generate 2D Barcodes on PDF forms. Need to scan printed, faxed or mailed forms accurately into a database? FormRouter has an easy solution.

2D Barcode Solutions

Media Company Solutions
Advertising  and Marketing Forms

Media professionals survive through their contact with the community. Find out why so many are implementing online forms to streamline their communications.

Media/Publishing solutions

Secure E-mail & Junk Mail Blocking Solutions
Secure Email Forms

By replacing E-mail addresses on Websites with links to secure online forms, organizations are blocking junk E-mail and securing their inbound communications.

E-mail/Approval solutions




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