Solution: Blocking Junk E-mail with Online Forms

Organizations can block junk mail by replacing E-mail addresses on Websites with links to secure online forms. Form responses including file attachments can be downloaded directly into Microsoft Outlook.

Start by replacing sales@, support@ and info@ with online forms and enjoy SPAM free E-mails into your organization. Your back office will love you for it.

Step 1: Build an E-mail form
Included in every FormRouter account is a tool called the Simple Form Builder. This tool has templates for common forms, including E-mail forms. Use this template to automatically build an E-mail form in minutes.

Step 2: Link the form to your Website
After an E-mail form is built in your FormRouter account a link is automatically generated. Links to forms can be cut and pasted into E-mails or Websites.

Step 3: Capture responses to your MS Outlook E-mail reader
FormRouter’s client tool can automatically write form data with attachments securely into MS Outlook.

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