Solution: PDF Form File Attachments

There is often a need to attach documents to online forms. What many people don’t know is that PDF forms do support file attachments. Unfortunately, capturing the attachments is not easy -- until now.

By upgrading a FormRouter account to support file attachments, it is simple to create PDF forms and submit those attachments securely to databases and MS Outlook.

Step 1: Build a PDF form with file upload fields
Once a document in converted into a PDF, it then can be edited in Adobe® Acrobat. FormRouter provides live Internet based instruction and written documentation with every account to get you up to speed.

Step 2: Build an e-mail alert (optional)
Included in every FormRouter account is an alert builder. One of the alerts offered is an E-mail alert.

Step 3: Capture responses to a database automatically
FormRouter’s client tool can automatically write online form responses securely into database or MS Outlook.

Step 4: Extract Attachments from your database to view or save
FormRouter offers a plug-in for Microsoft Access database that automatically extracts attached files. If you have selected to output data to Microsoft Oulook, then no extraction is required. Files will appear in Oulook as normal E-mail attachments

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