Solution: View Records in a PDF Form

Once data is captured into a database from a PDF form, the data is separate from the PDF. This is fantastic for reusing the data, but not what a human may wish to look at. Often, it is useful to view records in a PDF for printing or re-submitting.

FormRouter offers a plug-in for Microsoft® Access database to make this a snap.

Step 1: Build a PDF form
Once a document in converted into a PDF, it then can be edited in Adobe® Acrobat. FormRouter provides live Internet based instruction and written documentation with every account to get you up to speed.

Step 2: Build an e-mail alert (optional)
Included in every FormRouter account is an alert builder. One of the alerts offered is an E-mail alert.

Step 3: Capture responses to a database automatically
FormRouter’s client tool can automatically write online form responses securely into database or Microsoft Outlook.

Step 4: Extract a record into a PDF for viewing, printing or re-submitting
FormRouter offers a plug-in for Microsoft Access database that automatically extracts records into PDF forms.

Advanced User Note: as long as the field names match between the database and the PDF form that is being opened, the record will populate the form. This is a powerful tool if you have one record set and need to populate data into multiple forms for printing or submitting. Forms that are opened can even be pulled up from the Internet.

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