Solution: Save PDF Form Entry Sessions

Are your PDF forms too involved to finish filling out in one session?

FormRouter’s PDF Form Session Save upgrade makes it easy to allow users to work on a PDF form over time over multiple sessions without the need to install special software.

The process is simple. The user fills out a PDF form as far as they can get in one session. Then, they click the “Save Session” button on the form. This sends and e-mail to the user with a link to the form session – data still intact. This process can be repeated until the form is ready to be submitted to its final destination.

Step 1: Build a PDF form

Once a document is converted into a PDF, it then can be edited in Adobe® Acrobat. FormRouter provides live Internet based instruction and written documentation with every account to get you up to speed.

Contact FormRouter and get the PDF Form Save Session upgrade.

Step 2: Send form to FormRouter

The FormRouter staff will add a "Save Session" button to the form and place the form in your FormRouter.NET Account.

The form is now ready for users to fill out and save multiple sessions if required.

Step 3: Link the form to Websites, E-mails
After a form is built in your FormRouter account a link is automatically generated. Links to forms can be cut and pasted into E-mails or Websites.

Step 4: Capture responses to a database automatically
FormRouter’s client tool can automatically write online form responses securely into database or MS Outlook.

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