Solution: Rich Media Enhanced Forms

As broadband Internet connections have become more common, the demand for rich media content has increased.

By enhancing forms with Rich Media (graphics, video and Flash animation), the quality and quantity of responses are increased dramatically. Use multimedia to take your forms to the next level of effectiveness. Contact FormRouter to learn more about our multimedia services.

Here are some perfect applications:

- Product Demonstrations/Promotions
- Destination Promotion
- Event Registration
- Recruitment
- Donation Solicitation
- Surveys
- Membership Building


Video Enhanced Form
Flash Graphics Enhanced Form
Flash Animation Enhanced Form

Step 1: Build Rich Media (do it yourself or we can help)
If you have the ability to create Rich Media, we can show you how to incorporate it into your forms. Alternatively, FormRouter staff can build Rich Media content for you.

Step 2: Build a response form
Included in every FormRouter account is a tool called the Simple Form Builder. Use this tool to build online forms in minutes. Alternatively, your Webmaster could use their favorite Web development tool to build the form.

Step 3: Build a response alert
Included in every FormRouter account is an alert builder. One of the alerts offered is an E-mail alert.

Step 4: Link the form to Websites, E-mails or print media
After a form is built in your FormRouter account a link is automatically generated. Links to forms can be cut and pasted into E-mails or Websites. Also put the link into any print advertising or mass media ads.

Step 5: Capture responses to a database automatically
FormRouter’s client tool can automatically write online form responses securely into database or MS Outlook.

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