Solution: Survey Forms

Surveying is the science of screening reality for factual information about objects or events. The ability to flexibly collect information aids in this pursuit.

By contacting FormRouter today, you could be capturing survey data from online forms tomorrow.

Step 1: Gathered E-mail addresses from your survey subjects
Gather E-mail addresses from your survey subjects and load them into bulk E-mail software. (An online form could be used to gather E-mail addresses)

Step 2: Build a secure online survey form
Included in every FormRouter account is a tool called the Simple Form Builder. Use this tool to build a survey form in minutes.

Step 3: Create an outgoing E-mail
Create an out going E-mail message with a strong call to action to increase responses. Incentives with a short expiration date work well.

Step 4: Link the response form to your outgoing E-mail and send
After a survey form is built in your FormRouter account a link is automatically generated. Links to forms can be cut and pasted into E-mails or Websites.

Step 5: Capture responses to a database automatically
FormRouter’s client tool can automatically write online form responses securely into database.

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