SOLID Community Testing Page
for POD Form Integration

What We Have Built

Using a FormRouter Account, it is now possible to setup an online form that can route directly into a SOLID POD. This allows any person with a SOLID POD to get a copy of the form data they filled out. The submission data may include a copy of the form as a PDF attachment. We have also created a File Extraction Utility to open file attachments from your POD inbox.

(Please watch the video overview above if you have not already)

Please Test The Tools and Give Feedback (5 minutes tops)

Simple test steps:

1. Make sure you have a POD

2. Get the path to your POD inbox URL

3. Fill out the test form and submit:
Link to Test Form

4. Navigate to your POD inbox and check for a form submitted record

5. Use the File Extractor Utility to open a copy of your submitted PDF form
Link to File Extraction Utility

Note: see video above for how to enter the correct path to your inbox form data that contains file attachments. (jump to 1:20 in the video for instructions)

Post feedback to:


We are looking for feedback on how the data is written into the POD:

- Are we writing data the best way?

We use the HTTPS REST APIs for most operations and we take advantage of the SPARQL support for updates:

- Are we missing anything in the data that should be there?

- What should we add to make that data more useful?

- General feedback


Thank you for the support!

- FormRouter Staff