Routing Sales Leads and Dealer Requests with ELAN™

ELAN™ Home Systems has been the leading manufacturer of innovative, award-winning distributed audio, video and home automation systems since 1989.

ELAN has become one of the fastest-growing companies in custom audio and video. Since 1995, the company has experienced 600 percent sales growth.

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Each year ELAN recieves tens of thousands of:

  • Sales Leads
  • Product literature request
  • Local dealer inquiries
  • New Dealer inquiries
  • Comments
  • Questions
  • Complaints

Inquiries needed to be securely pulled to databases in ELAN offices so that staff could:

  • Follow up
  • Report activity
  • Track progress
  • Make management decisions


  • ELAN’s technical staff used FormRouter’s Simple Form Builder to rapidly model a fully functional form
  • E-mail alerts were built with FormRouter’s easy to use online Alert Builder
  • Event managers reviewed the form and alert to make sure that it met each departments needs
  • Once form fields were reviewed, ELAN’s technical staff pulled the form code (HTML) from FormRouter into their own Web tools to enhance graphically
  • Next, beautified forms were uploaded to ELAN’s FormRouter account for secure hosting
  • Links from the ELAN Web site directed inquiries to the form
  • Form responses were securely captured to a Microsoft SQL Server database in the ELAN offices using the FormRouter Client Tool. Note: any database could have been used (example: MS Access)
  • Staff in different departments used the database to take timely action on all requests


ELAN’s use of FormRouter technology within their organization resulted in efficiencies including:

  • FormRouter enabled ELAN’s Web development staff to use the tools they already knew to rapidly create beautiful custom forms
  • FormRouter’s secure data routing capability gave ELAN the ability to capture sensitive information within the forms that would not have been suitable for email transfer
  • Email alerts, set up on the FormRouter Server, were used to notify specific event managers when critical data was submitted
  • The FormRouter Server automatically routed responses to a database in the ELAN offices

Special Note: With exception of graphically enhancing the look of the online forms, a managers without programming could have done all of this themselves. In addition, if a form required online payment, that also could have been enabled instantly with FormRouter.


ELAN Home Systems experienced both cost and time savings managing their inquiries. By using FormRouter technology, ELAN set up a response system in record time, maintained total control over the look of their forms, and routed data directly to staff databases. As a result, customers and dealers enjoyed a smooth communication process.

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