Using FormRouter to help manage business processes and eliminate spam at Ray Price Harley-Davidson/Buell™

Ray Price Harley-Davidson/Buell™, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, is one of the most successful Harley-Davidson dealerships in the United States specializing in motorcycle, parts and accessory sales.

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Like most businesses, the Ray Price dealership has experienced an increase in data flowing into the dealership via their Website ( The increase in data flow has led to increased sales and enhanced customer communication. However, Ray Price management quickly realized the pains associated with managing this quantity of data and turned to FormRouter to help them quickly and easily address the following issues:

  • Eliminate hundreds of daily junk E-mails coming into their E-mail boxes from addresses posted on their Website:

    Junk E-mail leads to lost productivity, missed legitimate Website requests and an increased chance in receiving Internet viruses.

  • Securely route sensitive data received from online sales and rental request forms:

    Now, more than ever, sensitive and personal information should only be transferred through the Internet via secure forms to avoid identity fraud and the theft of credit card information. Sending this information via E-mail is not secure and should not be used to route this type of data.

  • Manage new registrations and survey responses from their customer loyalty program:

    The importance of maintaining a customer database is becoming a business requirement in the face of increased competition. The ability for a business to capture and manage customer feedback provides a competitive advantage over other businesses.


  • To eliminate the spam problem from the Ray Price Website, all department E-mail addresses were replaced by secure inquiry forms easily created with the FormRouter Simple Form Builder.
  • Inquiries are now routed directly to the appropriate department as well as collected in a master Microsoft Access database to be used in future marketing efforts.
  • Each form on the Ray Price Website that collected credit card or other sensitive info was easily FormRouter enabled to meet security compliance standards.
  • Using FormRouter tools and technology, registration forms, customer survey forms and customer referral forms were easily created and deployed. This data flow has quickly become the backbone of the Ray Price Rewards Program. All form responses flow from the Ray Price Website and outgoing email correspondence directly to their Access database, creating a single repository for easy reporting and analysis.


Ray Price Harley-Davidson’s use of FormRouter technology within their business has resulted in efficiencies including:

  • Elimination of spam from the Ray Price Website greatly increased the productivity of the Ray Price staff and has avoided missed opportunities from incoming E-mail inquiries that had been previously blocked by spam filters and overcrowded email boxes.
  • FormRouter’s secure data routing capability gave Ray Price the ability to capture sensitive information within forms that would not have been suitable for E-mail transfer.
  • FormRouter enabled online forms used for the Ray Price Rewards program has: enabled over 10,000 customers to join the program and complete monthly surveys; empowered management to make timely business decisions based on the ease at collecting and analyzing customer feedback; and helped to create a community between the business and its customers.


Ray Price Harley-Davidson/Buell Inc. continues to expand its use of FormRouter technology throughout their business. The ease at which forms are created, deployed and capture data allows Ray Price management the ability to realize the above mentioned benefits while still focusing on their core business….Selling Motorcycles.



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