Donations and registrations made painless at Hospice

The Carolinas Center for Hospice is a comprehensive resource to improve hospice, palliative, and end of life care, while promoting recognition of the dying process and death as a natural part of life.


The Hospice organization needed the ability to create and host secure registration forms online. They also needed a secure way to collect responses directly to a database in their office.

Without this capability, billing for registrations was difficult, their website looked unprofessional and communication with event participants to confirm registration was inadequate. Here were the specific challenges:

  • Capture annual conference registrations with payments.

    Hospice hosts an annual conference that requires an payment to be made. To properly manage attendees, data needed to flow into a desktop database without re-keying.

  • Capture workshop registrations with payments.

    As workshops change, different forms must be implemented. Hospice needed the ability to rapidly create secure online forms with payment processing themselves - without additional fees.

  • Capture online donations.

    A permanent donation form needed to be added to the Hospice website to collect funds during off hours.


To meet their online registration challenges, Hospice utilized FormRouter technology to manage registrations for their annual conference. Due to the overall success of the conference management, Hospice has since integrated FormRouter technology to conduct anonymous surveys, capture data from affiliates.


Hospice was able to meet all of the above challenges with FormRouter. As a result, Hospice

  • Captures 1000s of event registrations, payments and donations
  • Developed a database for future events and donations
  • Saved significant time and money (a fixed fee per year - all you can eat)
  • Took direct control of form creation, hosting and capturing of responses
  • Now does surveys and other ad-hoc data collection on demand


"We spoke to many companies about using forms that they create - then charge us per each registration. We do so many workshops each year with 1000s of participants. These were not good options for us. We collect huge amounts of data every year from our affiliates. Now we will be able to capture this data into a form and download it into an Access database with ease. This will be much better for our affiliates as well as for us."

"I would recommend FormRouter. I did a lot of research for a form solution before I found FormRouter. They are the most affordable and I love the fact that I can create my own forms at any time. "

Karen Robinson, Program Coordinator
The Carolinas Center for Hospice and End of Life Care



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