News and Observer Newspaper, Raleigh, NC

The News & Observer, based in Raleigh NC, is owned by The McClatchy Company and has a daily subscriber base of 160K Customers and 1100 employees.

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Online Subscription:

  • Needed a secure way for customers to subscribe/renew their newspaper subscription online (Currently 93% of subscription base pays by mail and only 7 ½% automatically renew which is an industry low)
  • Needed an automated way to collect/route subscription data from targeted banner advertisements on their website
  • Increase the effectiveness of retention efforts in light of recent telemarketing restrictions

Kids Day Program:

  • The N&O Kids Day program, a Community Partnership with Wake Medical Center Hospital, involves managing contributions of over 800 businesses and the coordination of N&O & Wake Med Employees
  • Needed an automated way to collect and manage data including donor info from partners, secure credit card transactions, volunteer registrations, and future invoicing/correspondence data


To address these challenges, The News and Observer is currently using FormRouter technology in the following manner:

  • To manage the Kids Day Program, the N&O is using FormRouter enabled
    - Volunteer forms
    - Newspaper pre-order forms
    - Credit card transaction donation forms
    - Sponsorship forms
  • To assist in online subscription efforts, the N&O is using FormRouter enabled
    - New subscriber forms
    - Retention-based forms
    - Easy Pay forms
    - Banner advertising forms
    - Cross-department marketing forms


By using FormRouter for their data routing technology, the N&O has realized the following benefits:

  • Increased online subscriptions by 163% during the 4th quarter of 2003 and secured pre-payment from 80% of these orders
  • Successfully managed the coordination of over 800 businesses and 600 volunteers
  • Streamlined database acquisition at events giving them the opportunity to better profile event attendees and, therefore, cross-sell/up-sell their subscriber base via sales channel diversification
  • Secured 22% Easy Pay online orders
  • Secured 199 starts online in 1 month
  • Increased customer retention efforts


The News & Observer has realized both cost and time savings by using FormRouter technology internally and externally in their business. Due to the overall ROI and convenience of implementing the technology, they continue to expand their use of FormRouter throughout the company.



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