Advertising Response: Capturing Over 16,000 Responses

Truescents LLC is a leading specialty bath product manufacturer of de~luxe brand personal care products. Authentic spa quality personal care with ingredient driven quality.

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One of the primary goals for marketers is generating awareness. For consumer products, an additional related goal is to get consumers to try your product. Faced with these primary goals, Truescents launched a major national promotion with Allure magazine and offered a free product giveaway. As a result, Truescents faced the following challenges:

  • Capturing thousands of responses.

    With a national campaign going out to over one million readers, Truescents had to be ready to capitalize on this marketing promotion with a seamless response system. Truescents needed to be able to efficiently receive and process thousands of responses.

  • Storing and managing responses.

    Previous forms on the Truescents Website routed responses to customer service via E-mail. While this approach had worked in the past, E-mail would not be an ideal method for managing thousands of responses. Truescents required a database and didn’t want to cut and paste or re-key thousands of responses.

  • Fast implementation

    Timing is everything. With the magazine promotion about to hit the stands, Truescents needed a solution in days, not weeks or months.


To capture responses to the promotion, Truescents selected FormRouter’s FastTrack Program. Through FastTrack, Truescents implemented a form that:

  • Integrated into the Truescents Website with the same look and feel
  • Was built, reviewed, tested, modified and finalized in two days
  • Included required and validated fields to ensure complete and accurate information was collected
  • Captured responses directly to a Microsoft Access database
  • Triggered a customized E-mail response to the form submitter


Truescents was able to meet all of the above challenges with FormRouter. As a result, Truescents

  • Captured over 16,000 total responses, including 12,000 in the first 4 hours of the promotion
  • Developed a database for future marketing campaigns and newsletter
  • Saved significant time and money by automating the response capture process


Generating awareness and getting users to take action is only one part of the marketing equation. Once prospects respond, internal processes are critical to achieving success with your marketing initiatives. Truescents combined FormRouter with their promotions campaign to ensure smooth processing of over 16,000 advertising responses.



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