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How To Add Fields With Form Validation, Pop-Up Calendars, Pre-populated Dropdown Lists, File Upload Buttons In Adobe Acrobat Without Writing Code

After helping people with Adobe® Acrobat® forms since they were introduced in the early 90s, one of the questions we have heard repeated many times is:

"How come I need to learn JavaScript to add validations to my PDF forms?"

In response to this question, we developed a toolbar for Acrobat to assist in adding advanced form objects to PDFs.

Installation Instructions

Note: This tool also works with Adobe Acrobat Version 9 and above.

1. Download and unzip the
2. Copy all of the JavaScript files to your Acrobat Javascripts directory.

On most Windows machines, the Acrobat Javascripts directory is located at:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\Acrobat\Javascripts

On Mac open Applications> Adobe Acrobat 9> [Then right click on] Adobe and select "Show Package Contents". In Contents> MacOS> JavaScripts.

Video Tutorials
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  • Create New Blank PDF:
    • Page Size
  • Create New Field:
    • Field Type
    • Caption
    • Position
    • Required
    • Pre-built Form Validations (like Email Address, Number, Date...)
    • Pre-built Lists (like States, Countries...)
    • File Browse
    • Regular Expression Validations
  • Date Picker Widget:
    • Inserts Graphical Calendar
    • Date Selector Button
  • Submit Button:
    • Test Form Field Output
    • Insert FormRouter Account submit button
  • Green PDF Message
    • Injects a popup Green Reminder not to print
    • Research done by Global Warming Initiatives
Adobe Acrobat Pro (versions 7 or 8) or any version of Adobe Acrobat 9 or above.


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