FormRouter.NET Upgrades

For those who need more functionality, take a look at the FormRouter.NET Upgrade Options. These upgrades offer feature rich tools and services that take form capture to the next level. 


100 MB Memory Upgrade
Get the extra memory you need for heavy form traffic, file attachments and file uploads.

File Attachments Upgrade
Turn your database into an instant file management system. Now, capture and store documents, images, and files in your database along side of your form field data. This service upgrade comes with:

Specific Use: This is a great functionality for online resumes, grant applications, and complex proposals.

Advanced Alerts

Secure E-mail Alerts (128-bit encrypted)
Secure E-mail Alerts allow you to send encrypted e-mails when a form is submitted. E-mails are formatted from a template that you define in FormRouter’s web-based Alert Builder. Fields from your online form can be easily inserted into a secure e-mail template to create a custom alert. The recipients of Secure E-mail Alerts type in a password to de-encrypt the message.

This tool is fantastic for anyone who needs to e-mail sensitive data. No plug-ins or special software is required for those who receive Secure E-mail Alerts. If the account also has a File Attachment Upgrade, files can be securely transferred inside of the Secure E-mail Alert.

Specific Use: Passing personal or financial data to third parties involved in a business process. Example: passing hotel booking information to a hotel after an event registration.

PDF E-mail Alerts (template-based PDF generation)
PDF E-mail Alerts allow you to include a PDF document as an attachment to an e-mail Alert. PDF documents are generated from a PDF template you create. Form fields from your online form may be passed into fields in your PDF template to create a customized PDF document/form on the fly.

Options in the PDF E-mail Alert allows you to control features in your PDF document like: encryption, document open passwords, permissions passwords (for document modification rights) and PDF flattening (making a PDF un-editable).

Specific Use: Sending personalized, password secured PDF documents to anyone within a workflow process. Example: e-mailing and creating multiple pre-filled out PDF documents from a single online form (mortgage applications, doctors offices etc..)

Credit Card Processing Alerts (PayPal®, Authorize.Net®)
Instantly enable financial transactions in your online forms. As forms are completed and submitted, credit card information is securely processed through either PayPal (VeriSign® Payment Services) or the Authorize.Net® Payment Gateway and the customer's merchant account. Authorization data returned from the payment gateway is joined with the submitted fields, encrypted and stored in the form owner's account on the FormRouter server.

Specific Use: This is a natural for event registrations and order forms that require payment.

CRM Integration Alerts (® and®)
FormRouter’s new integration with enables large and small organizations to fully automate the process of loading sales and marketing leads into their sales automation software. This solution leverages the sforce API to provide out-of-the-box integration between popular form development tools and The solution can be deployed in minutes and requires no CGI scripts, no servers and no programming. Coupled with integration via PayPal® and Authorize.Net®, customers have new options for hosted surveys, event registrations and secure online payment processing.

Specific Use: This integration allows all marketing and event responses to enter the sales process directly.

DocuSign® Alert (Email filled PDFs to be digitally signed)
Route filled PDF forms to a DocuSign account to be digitally signed. After one or more signatures are completed, signed PDF forms are routed securely to your database.

Advanced Form Processing

Advanced PDF Processing (Process & manipulate PDF documents)
Often, full PDF form documents need to be saved to a database or shared with other people to complete a workflow process. The Advanced PDF Processing Upgrade was designed to offer three distinct functionalities to allow FormRouter customers to build more complex PDF solutions. This upgrade includes a new PDF Processor, PDF Template Generation Options and the PDF E-mail Alert.

Specific Uses:
- Submit entire PDF forms to a database with digital signatures & comments
- Submit online forms and return data merged PDFs to a database
- Submit online forms and return data merged PDFs to the browser
- Submit online forms and generate e-mails with data merged PDFs attached

HTML Workflow Alert (email based workflows with HTML forms)
Because HTML forms work on all web enabled devices, HTML makes a good form format for email based workflows.

HTML Workflow Alerts allow you to include an HTML document as an attachment to an e-mail Alert. HTML documents are generated from an HTML template you create. Form fields from your online form may be passed into fields in your HTML template to create a customized HTML document/form on the fly.

Pre-processor Alert (routing rules for forms based on form field values)
The Pre-processor Alert allow defined field values of submitted forms to be used to determine the routing of a form. For example, a grant form with a high dollar amount may be routed to a different person for review than a grant with a low dollar amount.

PDF Form Pre-population Services

Pre-populating PDF forms from your databases can save time and reduce data entry errors. FormRouter offers tools and services to make it easy.

- (pre-populate PDF forms from SharePoint)
- (pre-populate PDF forms from SugarCRM)


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