Solutions Using Online Forms

Secure Form Solutions

Over 80% of organization documents are forms. Many of these forms make sense to convert to secure online forms. This saves knowledge workers time and money verses retyping paper forms into a database.

If you are responsible for HR, Compliance, Facilities, Risk Management, Safety, Ethics, Accounting, Quality Control, Grant Management, Event Management, Non-profit Organizations, Educational Organizations, Government Organizations, Marketing or Sales etc., we have solutions for you.

Intake Forms
Inspection Forms
Audit Forms
Solutions Certification Forms
Solutions Waiver Forms
Solutions Request for Service Forms
Solutions Human Resource Forms
Solutions Ethics and Compliance Forms
Solutions Grant Forms
Solutions Marketing and Order Form Solutions
Solutions Reporting Form Solutions
Solutions Accounting Forms

PDF Form Solutions

FormRouter has tools that extend the power of PDF forms.

Secure PDF Form Data Collection
Fill PDF Forms on All Devices -- No Plugins
Collect PDF Forms to SharePoint® Lists
Collect PDF forms into SalesForce® Objects
Collect PDF forms into SOLID PODs

Solutions Example PDF Form Solutions (infographic)

Excel Form Solutions

Turn Excel spreadsheets into forms capable of submitting data securely through the Internet.

Excel solutions


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